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Individual Game Cover Straights Seed

Individual Game Cover Straights Seed

Large range of Game Cover Straights, if what you're looking for isn't below - call us on 01377 271400

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Certified Seed Merchant Number: 1062

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Borage Seed (Acre Pack)

Borage has attractive blue flowers & attracts many beneficial insects which in turn attracts game birds. Can also be used to attract Bees, so its an important conservation plant. Also known as Starflower. Borage is a vigorous annual herb, that is likely to re-seed for the following year. Produces good cover and grows to 2-3 feet tall. Acre Pack, Includes Carriage
From £89.00 excl tax

Browntop Millet Seed (Acre Pack)

Browntop Millet - This is a warm season game crop that gives both cover and feed for wild birds - providing nutrients and protein. This millet will mature within a couple of months. Prefers well drained soils. 5 kg per acre. Acre Pack, Includes Carriage
From £26.67 excl tax

Buckwheat Seed (Acre Pack)

Buckwheat is a fast growing annual crop. Provides a valuable feed source for game, the seed sheds over several weeks & is very high in protein. Also suitable forage for Deer. Matures in 3 months. Attracts beneficial insects. Acre Pack, Includes Carriage
From £50.00 excl tax

Carbon (Mustard / Kale Hybrid Seed) (Acre Pack)

Carbon is an easy to grow Kale (Kale / Mustard Hybrid). Ultra fast establishment like Mustard & large leaves like Kale. New and more advance sister variety of Utopia. Gives a super quick cover by November making it ideal as a rescue crop. High frost tolerance. Very strong stems-resistant to lodging. Acre Pack, Includes Carriage
From £40.00 excl tax

Fodder Radish / Oil Radish Seed (Acre Pack) (OP1)

Fodder radish also known as Oil Radish seed produces a large amount of growth in a short time, giving lots of cover for birds. The pods produced contain seed that suits all birds. It's also a great soil conditioner too. Although fodder radish works better in mixtures, it can also be sown straight - the new continental varieties shows better winter hardiness. Acre Pack, Includes Carriage
From £14.00 excl tax

Giant Sunflower Seed (Acre Pack)

Giant Sunflower seed when used as part of a mixture, gives some aerial predator cover. Produces large amounts of rich seed, this gives excellent food for all game birds. Due to the height of the sunflowers, the mature plants will require breaking. This allows game birds to get the seeds. They also look great in the field either as a straight or in a mixture. Acre Pack, Includes Carriage
From £18.33 excl tax

Gold of Pleasure Seed (Camelina or False Flax) (Acre Pack)

Gold of Pleasure also commonly known as Camelina or False Flax. Its an excellent annual high protein herb seed used over the winter period. It is suited to most soils including poorer soils and nutrient deficient soils(also has good drought tolerance) We recommend sowing seed in April-May, 1cm deep with row widths around 15-20cm, and at a rate of 5kg/acre. Acre Pack, Includes Carriage
From £44.00 excl tax

Japanese Reed Millet Seed (Acre Pack)

Japanese Reed Millet is the strongest stemmed Millet, this provides more cover & warmth in the crop. The most winter hardy Millet species. Produces feed too, but smaller amounts compared with other Millets. Acre Pack, Includes Carriage
From £37.50 excl tax

Jonty Seed (Acre Pack)

Jonty is an excellent game cover crop. This brassica grows very quickly, so is great for providing cover quickly (as fast as 6 weeks given good weather). Jonty rapidly bolts and is best planted in early Autumn, and should last up to around Christmas. Plant height: up to 1m. We recommend sowing the seed at 2-3kg per acre August - September. Acre Pack, Includes Carriage
From £36.00 excl tax

Linseed (Common Flax) (Acre Pack)

Linseed is particularly attractive to Partridges. Cover & Feed. Easy to grow. Tolerant to most soil types. Not winter hardy. Traditionally grown for oil. Acre Pack, Includes Carriage
From £81.00 excl tax

Pearl Millet Seed (Acre Pack)

Pearl Millet is an annual species also known as Pennisetum glaucum and is one of the most widely grown Millets. It is tolerant to a wide range of growing conditions. Capable of producing very high yields of seed over a short growing season. Pearl Millet is a hardy leafy plant that provides excellent warm game cover. It grows a little taller than White and Red Millets. Acre Pack, Includes Carriage
From £38.33 excl tax

Peredovic Sunflower Seed (Acre Pack)

Peredovic / Dwarf Sunflower Seed. Semi dwarf variety that grows 4-5 ft tall. Provides an excellent high energy food source for birds and other wildlife. Attracts insects. Also provides cover as it stands well. Very large seed heads. High yielding. Matures in 95-100 days. Acre Pack, Includes Carriage
From £22.50 excl tax

Phacelia Seed (Acre Pack) (EFA)

Phacelia is a fast growing annual with purple flowers. It is an excellent plant for attracting insects that then attracts small birds. The bright purple flowers look great, it fixes nitrogen to the soils, stops leeching and suppresses weeds. Acre Pack, Includes Carriage
From £15.00 excl tax

Puna II Chicory Seed (Cichorium Intybus) (Acre Pack)

Puna II Chicory Seed is a persistent perennial that will re-grow fast after grazing / cutting. Also high yielding throughout the growing season. Can be used for forage or game cover use. Acre Pack, Includes Carriage
From £34.00 excl tax

Quinoa Seed Mix (Acre Pack)

A Quinoa seed blend includes Red Carina (Red variety) & Carmen (Quality shooting variety). Quinoa produces huge amounts of high food late into the season for game & wild birds - 1 tonne per acre throughout the shooting season. The seed from the Quinoa is very nutritious, rich in protein and have various vitamins and minerals. Carmen is the only shooting Quinoa variety to have plant breeders rights so it has to pass stringent purity & germination tests. Acre Pack, Includes Carriage
From £56.00 excl tax

Red Millet Seed (Acre Pack)

Red Millet is easily recognisable by its red stems. Red Millet matures much earlier than White Millet although it has slightly smaller seed heads. Use Red & White Millet together to get the advantages of plants. Acre Pack, Includes Carriage
From £15.00 excl tax

Reed Canary Grass Seed (Acre Pack)

Reed Canary Grass is a tall perennial cover crop. Grows up to 2 m, and takes 2 years to be fully established. If managed well Reed Canary Grass can last 7 years. Extremely winter hardy. It is excellent cover for nesting birds. Provides areas to hold birds or to drive. Acre Pack, Includes Carriage
From £60.00 excl tax

Sweet Clover / Yellow Blossom Clover Seed (Acre Pack)

Sweet Clover / Yellow Blossom Clover is a biennial plant that flowers in the 2nd year. It produces a big vigorous quick growing crop (can grow to 2 m tall). Sweet smelling yellow flowers on the plant attracts a wide range of insects that then encourage bird life. The roots are leguminous, which are great for maintaining soil condition Also they break up hard compacted soils which improves drainage. Can also be used as a green manure that adds good organic matter when dug in. Acre Pack, Includes Carriage
From £20.00 excl tax

Triticale Seed (Acre Pack)

Easy to grow. Grows in most soil types. Good drought tolerance. Rabbits do not like Triticale due to finding it very bitter. Performs like a wheat. Ideal companion with many game cover species It doesn't swamp out other plants. For tonne amounts please call the office. Acre Pack, Includes Carriage
From £52.50 excl tax

Utopia (Mustard / Kale Hybrid Seed) (Acre Pack)

Utopia is a Hybrid between black mustard(Abyssinian mustard) and a Wild Ethiopian Kale. See CARBON for the newer variety. Acre Pack, Includes Carriage
From £45.00 excl tax

White Millet Seed (Acre Pack)

White Millet Seed is a very popular cover & feed crop Strong green stems with thick leaves. Grows up to 90 cm tall It has large seed heads (larger than Red Millet). Provides nutritious food for birds. Gives thick flushing points. Can be used as an effective wind break. When used with Red Millet, seed will be provided for a longer period of time. Acre Pack, Includes Carriage
From £15.00 excl tax

Burly Kale Seed (Acre Pack)

Brand new Kale variety for Hurrells, Giant Kale, Bred for palatability, Great tall cover, High yielding, High dry matter Palatable sweet stem unlike other varieties, Consistent variety, Will tolerate a wide range of soil types, Adapted to all weather conditions, including cold, wet and dry conditions. Acre Pack, Includes Carriage
From £23.00 excl tax

Inka Kale Seed (Acre Pack)

Inka is a newly released variety. For forage and gamecover. Classed as a giant Kale. Very tall variety with medium leaf to stem ratio. High yielding. Adapted to cold conditions. Acre Pack, Includes Carriage
From £23.00 excl tax

Polycaul Kale Seed (Acre Pack)

Polycaul is an excellent variety for both gamecover and grazing. Good yield. Winter hardy. Short red stemmed variety. Very high leaf to stem ratio. Excellent leaf retention. Available with and without treatment. Price per Acre Pack, Includes Carriage
From £24.00 excl tax

Proteor Kale Seed (Acre Pack)

Proteor is a very winter-hardy two-year Kale. High yielding. Intermediate stem height. Very leafy. High resistance to disease. Highly palatable. Marrow stem type. Acre Pack, Includes Carriage
From £22.00 excl tax

Voltage Kale Seed (Acre Pack)

Voltage is a winter-hardy two-year Kale. Medium height. Good lodging resistance. Good levels of protein. Excellent disease resistance. Good standing power. Acre Pack, Includes Carriage
From £23.00 excl tax

Penn 110, Dwarf Sorghum Seed (Acre Pack)

Penn 110, Dwarf Sorghum Seed. Short and sturdy. Large seed heads. Often sown with Maize Resistant to lodging. Dwarf Sorghum's grow between 1 - 1.25 m. Acre Pack, Includes Carriage
From £43.00 excl tax

Rox Orange, Giant Sorghum Seed (Acre Pack)

Rox Orange, Giant Sorghum Seed. Excellent windbreak for vunerable crops. Cover from overhead predators. Deep rooting. Prone to lodging later in season. Acre Packs, Includes Carriage
From £48.00 excl tax

Susu / Piper, Intermediate Sorghum Seed (Acre Pack)

Intermediate Sorghum Seed. Excellent windbreak. Cover from overhead predators. Attractive seed heads. Intermediate Sorghums grow between 1.5 - 2 m. Acre Pack, Includes Carriage
From £48.00 excl tax

Yellow / White Mustard Seed (Acre Pack) (EFA) (OP1)

White / Yellow Mustard Seed is a great all rounder (highly popular game cover crop, green manure, fodder crop. Holds nitrogen. It requires little cultivation to grow. Low fertiliser requirement. Weed suppressent. Quick to establish and is naturally resilient to pests. The mustard seed can be broadcast into standing cereals or lightly worked into stubbles. Annual crop. Not winter hardy. Can be sown in Spring or Autumn, and provides fast cover by September. Price per acre, Includes Carriage
From £12.00 excl tax