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80:20 Grass & Wildflower Seed Mixtures

All the meadow mixtures with grass are 80% Grass and 20% Wildflowers

Grasses used in the mixtures are low maintenance and suitable to use with Wildflowers

The suggested sowing rate for mixtures with grass is 5 grams per m2

(250g covers 50m2, 500g covers 100m2, 1kg covers 200m2, 5kg covers 1000m2, 10kg covers 2000m2)


Annual & Perennial Mixtures (Colour in the first year and year 2 onwards): 

P1 Premium, AP2 Eco, AP3 Colour Bright, P1 Acid Soils, P2 Water Margins, P3 Calcareous Soils, P4 Hedgerows,

P5 Woodland & Heavy Shade, P6 Damp Loam, P7 Dry/Sandy Sols, P9 Heavy Soils


Perennial Mixtures (Colour in the 2nd year and beyond, recommended to sow with an annual mix):  

P8 Flowering Lawn

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