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Cricket Square & Outfield Grass Seed

Premium Cricket Grass Seed for Squares / Wickets & Outfields. From local cricket leagues to top county grounds​

  • Being fully independent we can select grass varieties & cultivars for optimal grass performance on pitch!

  • The Cricket mixture range is selected from Hurrells Seeds trials, technical experience & feedback, STRI recommended lists, John Dodds experiences, David Hodgson Cricket seed trials, breeders trials from across the world and other European grass lists of similar climate. 

  • Looking at a combination of shoot density, fineness of leaf, reduced crowning traits, ground cover, recovery, colour, visual merit, disease resistance etc

  • Free UK delivery, competitive prices and bespoke mixtures. 

"I have used Hurrells grass seeds throughout my career as a Cricket Groundsman and I have always been impressed with their quality standards and performance of their grass seeds, I have used them for many years at Scarborough Cricket Club’’

JOHN DODDS, SCARBOROUGH CRICKET CLUB (Top Award Winning Cricket Groundsman)


Certified Seed Merchant Number: 1062

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