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Miscanthus Giganteus Rhizomes

 A long term warm Gamecover that will grow consistently to 8ft tall+


Why Buy this product?

Long term Gamecover that will grow consistently to 8ft tall+ (around 4ft in year 1, 6ft in year 2 & 8ft in year 3)

Persistent for over 20 years once established

Although it can be killed with Glyphosate if you want to remove it at a later time

Great crop for pheasants and partridge - provides a warm dry cover

Ideal as a windbreak

Cost effective, compared with annual cover crops

Low maintenance after establishment

Will grow in a wide range of soils, for best results a fine moist seedbed is required

Ideal for awkward / difficult areas e.g. steep banks or areas where you cannot get machinery in

Rhizomes vary in size from the size of your finger to the size of your fist (can also supply plants 15-30cm tall)


Growing tips

Plant Mid April - May - when soil temperatures are warmer

Plant around 4000 Rhizomes per acre or 1500 Plants per acre

Keep a row width of 1m for both plants & rhizomes (1m spacings for rhizomes and more for plants)

Control animals from grazing when establishing - guards can be used to protect from pests

Establish in a weed free seed bed - Miscanthus is a grass crop so grasses are harder to remove

When sown in large blocks the crop can become too thick, rides can be put in to resolve this

Fertiliser requirements are the same as maize in the first year

Can be topped off after 3 years to control the crop - top early spring 

For a full growing guide click here 



Call 01377 271400 for price & availability for Miscanthus Rhizomes and Miscanthus Plants

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