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Sprint, Intermediate Sorghum Seed (10kg per acre)


Why Buy this product?

  • Easy to established tall, leafy crop
  • Cobless Maize-type plant
  • Require similar inputs to Maize
  • Ideal as a windbreak around other cover crops
  • Useful at intervals as flushing points 
  • Cover from July to February
  • Sow in April / May at a depth of 3 - 5cm in rows 70cm wide at a rate of 10 kg acre.
  • Spring barley can be used as an undersowing sown in Sorgum 
  • For partridges Linseed can also be incorporated into this undersowing
  • 1 year
  • Sow May - June 


Intermediate Sorghum

  • Excellent windbreak
  • Cover from overhead predators
  • Attractive seed heads
  • Intermediate Sorghums grow between 1.5 - 2m


10 kg per acre

Sprint, Intermediate Sorghum Seed (10kg per acre)

SKU: 4663

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