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100% Wildflower Seed Mixtures

Mixtures without grass for more colour throughout the flowering periods


Suggested sowing rate for 100% Wildflowers is 2 grams per m2

(50g covers 25m2, 100g covers 50m2, 250g covers 125m2, 500g covers 250m2, 1kg covers 500m2, 5kg covers 2500m2, 10kg covers 5000m2)


Annual Mixtures (1st year colour, more colourful but relies on self seeding for future years): 

Cornfield Annual, Jubilee, Annual Etna, Candy Floss, Kaleidoscope & Sherbert Fizz

Annual & Perennial Mixtures (Colour in the first year and year 2 on-wards, doesn't just rely on self seeding): 

Premium, Eco, Colour Bright, Butterfly Paradise, Deep Purple,  Dwarf Meadow, Sunkissed Meadow, Strawberries & Cream & The Bees Knees 

Perennial Mixtures (Colour in the 2nd year and beyond, recommended to sow with an annual mix): 

Acid Soils, Calcareous Soils, Heavy Soils, Water Margins, Damp Loam, Hedgerow & Woodland & Heavy Shade