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All Seasons, Game Maize Seed Mix (Acre Pack) ()

Early maize - FAO 180-220
Medium maize - FAO 220-260
Late maize - FAO 260+


Why Buy this product?

  •  All Seasons is made up of 3 different maize's each with their own advantages
  • Will grow to a very large height
  • It provides an excellent habitat for shooting cover with feed potential
  • We have had excellent results with All Seasons across the whole of the UK! It's now the only Game Maize we stock due to the excellent results every time
  • We recommend sowing maize seed when soil temperatures are at least 10 degrees
  • Quinoa & Triticale can be sown around the edge of Game Maize which can warm the surrounds of a drive
  • Seed comes in acre packs (45,000 seeds)
  • Redigo M treated (Fungicide)
  • 1 year mix
  • Sow May - June


Seed comes in acre packs (45,000 seeds)



"The All Seasons Game Maize I had from Hurrells Seeds is the best I have ever grown! It has provided good cover and has held my birds extremely well. It cobbed up very well and I would definitely use it again and recommend to other shoots"

Gamekeeper Glyn Rolands at Bretby Shoot 


"All Seasons - drilled well, grew well …. And stood well!"

Trevor Ireland, Head Gamekeeper at Scampston Hall

All Seasons, Game Maize Seed Mix (Acre Pack)

SKU: 9063

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