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Voltage Kale Seed (2kg per acre)


Why Buy this product?

  • Voltage is a medium height kale with good standing power (preferred forage variety).
  • Also ideal for gamecover use 
  • Winter hardy 2 year variety
  • It should be used where fattening young cattle & sheep are the target end user.
  • Being a medium height kale allows animals access to all parts of the crop unlike giant varieties. 
  • High crop utilization
  • Leafy variety with good levels of protein to help grow out younger stock
  • Excellent disease tolerance & lodging resistance


We recommend the following:

  • Ensure the seed bed has a good supply of high nitrogen fertiliser and/or farmyard manure (a minimum of 100 units N, 50 P and 120 K)
  • Soil pH of 6.5
  • Firm, fine seedbed, with rolling after drilling
  • Broadcast the seed at 3kg/acre or drill at 2kg/acre
  • Avoid following another brassica in your rotation
  • Sow in April - Mid July to 1cm depth


2 kg per acre

Voltage Kale Seed (2kg per acre)

SKU: 4114

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