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Zlata / Calbri, Yellow White / White Mustard Seed (5kg per acre) (EFA) (OP1)


Why Buy this product?

  • Highly popular annual green manure or fodder crop
  • It requires little cultivation to grow & a low fertiliser requirement
  • Quick to establish & suppresses weeds
  • Naturally resilient to pests
  • Holds nitrogen
  • Not winter hardy (brown mustard is more winter hardy)
  • Very cost effective
  • Also popular to add to your own cereals for Greening Catch & Cover Crops
  • Can be sown in Spring or Autumn, and provides fast cover by September
  • On the EFA list, complies when used with a cereal on the list
  • Complies with OP1
  • 1 year
  • Sow April - August 


5kg per acre

Yellow Mustard / White Mustard Seed (5kg per acre) (EFA) (OP1)

SKU: 4504

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