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Carbon (Mustard / Kale Hybrid Seed) (2kg per acre)

A Hybrid between Black Mustard (Abyssinian Mustard) and Wild Ethiopian Kale.


Why Buy this product?

  • An easy to grow Kale (Kale / Mustard Hybrid)
  • Ultra fast establishment like Mustard & large leaves like Kale
  • New and more advance sister variety of Utopia
  • Gives a super quick cover by November making it ideal as a rescue crop
  • High frost tolerance
  • Very strong stems-resistant to lodging
  • Red stemmed that is naturally more resistant to flea beetle
  • A low seed rate like Kale
  • 1 year
  • Sow June - July 


Growing Tips 

  • Needs to be sown no earlier than 3rd week of June and even later in the south of England (possibly 2nd week of July to avoid bolting)
  • Carbon has a hunger for Nitrogen and well developed crops require fertiliser that is definitely needed to achieve best results. 60 kilo per acre for best results also FYM were available.



Gamekeeper Bill Constantine at Dunstall Estate. "I used Carbon to provide cover alongside some long term crops that were not doing so well. Planted at the end of July/ Early August and I was amazed by the rapid growth (see picture above after 9-10 weeks).  It provided excellent cover on 3 main drives, it saved the day & I will definitely order more next season! I also found that pigeons don't like it and I did not have any Flea Beetle problems due to the red stems."

Ivor Fox, Gamekeeper Shropshire. "Grew Carbon for the 1st time this year, established very quickly to a canopy. We planted some early and some very late. I noticed that the early sown material provided a good seed source, whilst the later sown Carbon maintained a Kale type appearance that is valuable in a rescue type situation, especially at flushing points."


2 kg per acre

Carbon (Mustard / Kale Hybrid Seed) (2kg per acre)

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