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Choice Chicory Seed (Cichorium Intybus) (2kg per acre)


Why Buy this product?

  • Leading New Zealand bred variety Choice perennial Chicory 
  • New variety from the breeder of Puna
  • Choice is very persistent, has a fully green strap leaf and good green colouration
  • Can be used for Forage or Gamecover
  • For grazing, Choice has been bred with a high drymatter, quick recovery after grazing, improved cool season growth, very good leaf disease tolerance. + much more. Choice is also a persistent perennial that will re-grow fast after grazing/cutting. Also high yielding throughout the growing season. 
  • In the first year, Chicory develops a long taproot similar to Parsnips, that helps with soil conditioning and aerating the soil for future crops. Large strap leaves develop which then grow into an excellent green cover through to the first frosts.
  • Has a high mineral content which includes Zinc, Potassium and Copper
  • It has a good tolerance to drought (not waterlogged areas), acid soils and major pests (will even de-worm sheep). Overgrazing can damage the crown of the plant 
  • Chicory is also Palatable for deer too
  • For Gamecover it wil easily grow to 6-7 feet within 2 years. A soil improver, which is very useful as usualy sown in poorer soil types.
  • Spring Sown
  • 3-4 years
  • Sow April - May 


2 kg per acre

Choice Chicory Seed (Cichorium Intybus) (2kg per acre)

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