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Winter Active Grass Seed

Hurrells are at the forefront of Winter Active grass seed (and have the largest choice). Unlike other companies we use perennial winter active diploid grasses which are much finer leaved in comparison with Tetraploids and Annual Ryegrass. 

Winter active grasses:

  • Germinate and grows in soil temperatures down to at least 5 degrees (other Perennial Ryegrass's require 8-12+ degrees)

  • Suitable for sowings 11-12 months a year (if soil temperature is 5 degrees or above)

  • Rapid to germinate and establish (even in cold conditions), extremely fast growing, high wear tolerance, drought tolerant, great all year-round colour and has a high resistance to disease.

  • Coldstart is 100% winter active and recommended for sports & hardwearing lawns

  • Fourseasons is part winter active and recommended for lawns & landscaping


Certified Seed Merchant Number: 1062


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