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Yellow Rattle Wildflower Seed (Rhinanthus Minor)


Why Buy this product?

  • Yellow Rattle also known as Hay Rattle, is an essential ingredient for wildflower meadows
  • It suppresses grass growth and creates a more open plant sward for greater wildflower results (semi-parasitic plant thats classed as root hemiparasite. It attaches to grass, legume and vigorous wildflower root systems - dependent on these plants for essential minerals and carbohydrates) 
  • Can reduce grass/hay yields by upto 50%!
  • Great to sow in new grass/wildflower meadows or sow into existing meadows.
  • For best results into existing areas, sow on low-medium fertility soils and without ryegrass and broad grasses. Cut or graze the area as low as possible, expose as much soil as possible by harrowing or raking or with stock. Sow and roll creating a good seed to soil contact
  • Ideally sow in Autumn as the winter will break the dormancy of Yellow Rattle. If sowing in Spring, keep in a fridge before sowing for approx 6 weeks to mimic a Winter
  • Most of our wildflower mixtures include Yellow Rattle, however here you can purchase more
  • Sow @ 0.5-1g per m2
  • Fresh seed from latest seed harvest


Type: Annual

Sow: Autumn

Flowering season: June - July

Flower colour: yellow

Height: 20-50cm

Light: sun

Moisture preference: dry

Soil acidity: general 

Natural environment: grassland 

Seed density:  270 seeds/gram

Yellow Rattle Wildflower Seed (Rhinanthus Minor)

SKU: 6023

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