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NUM2 Viking White Clover Seed Mix (Acre Pack) (SFI)

50% Large Leaved White Clover

50% Medium Leaved White Clover

100% (3.00 kg per acre)


Why Buy this product?

  • Added into grass mixtures to reduce nitrogen fertiliser and to enhance grazing 
  • Good protein content & high mineral content 
  • Most important legume in the UK, with a great flexibility for good crops of silage or grazing. 
  • Will save on fertiliser bills
  • Grows on most soil types, except compacted waterlogged soils
  • Lasts 5 years plus, a lot longer than red clover but slower to establish  
  • A mix of medium & large leafed white clovers - for a special mix of white clovers please call 01377 271400. Large leafed are mainly used for cutting, medium - cutting & grazing, small - grazing 


3 kg per acre (for sowing into existing grass)

NUM2 Viking White Clover Seed Mix (Acre Pack) (SFI)


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