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AHL2 / AB9 Late Sown Winter Bird Food Seed (Acre Pack) (SFI)

5.50 kgs Winter Barley

5.50 kgs Winter Triticale

1.00 kgs Rebound Rape Kale Hybrid (Advanced Type)

1.00 kgs Late Flowering Fodder Radish

1.00 kgs Diana Forage Rape

2.00 kgs Gold of Pleasure

2.50 kgs Linseed

1.00 kgs Phacelia

0.25 kgs Choice Chicory

0.25 kgs Brown Mustard

20 kgs per acre

Cereals may vary depending on availability at the time of order***


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20kg per acre

AHL2 Autumn Sown Winter Bird Food Seed (Acre Pack) (SFI)


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