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AB12 Supplementary Winter Feeding Mix (No Cereal) (Delivery 5-7 working days for AB12)

32.50% White Millet

15.00% Red Millet

20.00% Canary Seed

30.00% Oil Seed Rape

2.50% Black Sunflower Hearts


Why Buy this product?

  • Seed mixture without the cereal to use own cereal for AB12 Supplementary winter feeding for farmland birds (1 part seed mix to 2 parts cereal)
  • Provides essential food sources to a wide range of farmland birds in the hungry gap (when there are very short supplies of grains available on farm. Spread 1st of Dec-30th April)
  • Farmland birds including Yellowhammer, Grey Partridge, Tree Sparrow, Corn Bunting, Linnet, Turtle Doves etc
  • Scatter on firm ground near gamecover or AB9 wild bird plots
  • Complies with AB12 spec -
  • Also option available with cereal - Click me AB12 with Cereal
  • 500kg & 1000kg bags 

AB12 Supplementary Winter Feeding Mix (No Cereal)

SKU: 7811c

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