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HM.14 Hybrid Power Grass Seed Mix (Acre Pack) (3-4 Years Dual Purpose) (GS3)

4.00 kg TETRAGRAZE Hybrid Ryegrass Tet
4.00 kg ASTONCRUSADER Hybrid Ryegrass Tet
4.00 kg AGASKA Perennial Ryegrass Int Dip
2.00 kg LOFA Festulolium
14.00 kg per acre


Why Buy this product?

  • Suitable for hay or silage
  • Can be grazed and is useful for 2 heavy cuts and graze system
  • Will last easily 4 years and in kinder seasons and good management will last up to 5 years
  • Hybrids establish much faster than normal perennials and are very easy to establish and grow
  • Hybrids combine the yield of an Italian and the quality/sugar content of a quality perennial that has more leafy growth characteristics
  • Most hybrids are also tetraploids so offer excellent silage fermentation
  • Very good palatability even in summer production
  • Excellent leafy weed suppression
  • Ideal mix for GS3 Ryegrass seed-set as winter food for birds. A mix with more Hybrids will produce high yields for you and high yields of seed for the birds. More info here:


14 kg bags - 1 acre pack

HM.14 Hybrid Power Grass Seed Mix (Acre Pack) (GS3)

SKU: 7014

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