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Estate Seed Mix (5kg per acre)

Kale Blend
Quinoa Blend 
Millet Blend


Why Buy this product?

  • New seed mix
  • Includes a full seed rate of Kale for maximum bird cover
  • The Millet blend includes Red, White, Pearl & Japanese Reed Millet (great cover & seed source)
  • Quinoa produces huge amounts of high food late into the season - 1 tonne per acre throughout the shooting season. The seed produced is rich in protein and has various vitamins and minerals.
  • Carmen is the only shooting Quinoa variety
  • Ingredients are sprayable with Dowshields
  • 1-2 year mix 
  • Sow April - May

Suggested Fertilisation: 100/50/120kg/ha


5 kg per acre

Estate Seed Mix (5kg per acre)

SKU: 7622

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