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Eclipse Seed Mix (12kg per acre)

All Seasons Game Maize 
Millet Blend


Why Buy this product?

  • Large amounts of feed throughout the whole season
  • Ingredients are sprayable with Dowshields
  • Very easy to establish
  • Drill Maize separately and spin Millet and Linseed on top
  • 1 year mix
  • Sow April - June


Suggested Fertilisation: 120/60/120kg/ha



John Bosworth - Grethwood Shoot. ‘’I am really pleased with my cover crop of ECLIPSE. I Selected the ECLIPSE mixture from the Hurrells catalogue as I recognised that I could spray this mix against broad leaf weeds for better weed control. So many cover crop mixes can't be sprayed and we have a Redshank/Redleg problem here on the shoot and have had for years. By using this mixture we post emergence sprayed the cover after a really good establishment and the ECLIPSE is now very healthy and clean. The crop is really well developed  and the maize in the mix is the best we have ever had and I'm delighted with the results, And we will definitely grow the ECLIPSE again next year.’’


12 kg per acre

Eclipse Seed Mix (12kg per acre)

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