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CESWI Mixture 1 Grass Seed Mix (General Purpose)

30.0% TURFGOLD Dwarf Perennial Ryegrass

25.0% SUNBEAM Smooth Stalked Meadow Grass

40.0% MAXIMA Strong Creeping Red Fescue

5.0% HIGHLAND Browntop Bent 



Why Buy this product?

  • CESWI Mixture 1 is a general purpose grass seed mixture for a wide range of soils.
  • Complies with Civil Engineering Specification for the Water Industry - 7th Edition 
  • Fast germinating and growth (due to dwarf ryegrass inclusion)
  • Stabalizes bankings and slopes by creeping grasses
  • Tolerates high levels of wear
  • Most popular CESWI mixture 
  • Optimum pH is 5-7


20 kg per bag


Sowing rate: 35-70 grams per m2

Oversowing: 20-35 grams per m2

CESWI Mixture 1 Grass Seed Mix (General Purpose)

SKU: 8053

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