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SAM2 Soil Improver Cover Crop Seed (Acre Pack) (SFI)

65.00% Winter Forage Rye

20.00% Yellow Mustard

5.00% Brown Mustard

10.00% Mino Daikon Tillage Radish
100% (12kg's per acre)


Why Buy this product?

  • Nitrogen lifter and holder (Rye is the most efficient species at catching and holding Nitrogen)
  • Very winter hardy (growing in cold winter temperatures)
  • Daikon provides huge roots that break up the soil and reduces compaction
  • Brown Mustard has an increased Winter tolerance compared with White / Yellow Mustard
  • Produces large quantities of organic matter
  • Improves soil biology
  • Weed suppressor 
  • Protects from soil erosion 
  • For more information on SAM2  -


Price per 12kg acre pack

SAM2 Soil Improver Cover Crop Seed (Acre Pack) (SFI)

SKU: 7921

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