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SAM2 Non Brassica Cover Crop Seed (Acre Pack) (SFI)

3.00kg Linseed

2.50kg Buckwheat

0.50kg Phacelia

1.00kg Berseem Clover

2.00kg Common Vetch

1.00kg Crimson Clover

(10kg per acre)


Why Buy this product?

  • Ideal diverse cover crop mixture for brassica growers that want to break the cycle of associated pathogens
  • This break cover crop will fix plenty of nitrogen whilst avoiding brassica in the mix
  • Highly efficient crop that’s fantastic at holding nitrogen and improving soils in a brassica rotation
  • For more information on SAM2  -


Sow between April - End of August


Price per 10kg acre pack 

SAM2 Non Brassica Cover Crop Seed (Acre Pack) (SFI)

SKU: 7929

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