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Winter Forage Rye Seed (50kg per acre) (EFA)

(Call for availability, variety and to buy)


Why Buy this product?

  • Very winter hardy 
  • Excellent Nitrogen lifter 
  • Grows very well on sandy / light free draining soils
  • Great for green manure & produces large amounts of green material
  • Early grazing or can be used for Silage
  • Can be used with a non cereal crop for Greening Catch & Cover crops
  • Small & large amounts available (packed in 25kg bags or 500kg bags) 
  • On the EFA list, complies when used with a non cereal on the list


50-75 kg per acre

Sow in Autumn


Price for 50kg per acre

Winter Forage Rye Seed (50kg per acre) (EFA)

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