Westerwolds Ryegrass Grass Seed (Lolium Westerwoldicum) (Acre Pack) (SW5)

12.00 kg LEMNOS Multicut Westerwolds Ryegrass

12.00 kg per acre


Why Buy this product?

  • Annual grass that lasts 1-2 years 
  • Extremely fast growing and establishment (fastest growing grass available) (Annual type of Italian Ryegrass)
  • Very high yielding and high sugar 
  • Super fast germination, establishment and early spring growth
  • Will grow in lower soil conditions to other grasses, which means there is a bigger growing season
  • Ideal for silage, haylage and hay (can be grazed but sward will be open)
  • Will provide a seed head in the same year of sowing
  • Commonly used with other slower growing species
  • Responds well to fertiliser
  • Nitrogen Lifter
  • East to manage & establish
  • Weed suppressor
  • Brilliant first cut
  • Introduced to the UK but now found on road sides, field margins, waste ground etc
  • 30-100cm in height
  • Sow straight at 12-15kg per acre
  • SW5 https://www.gov.uk/countryside-stewardship-grants/enhanced-management-of-maize-crops-sw5 


12 kg per acre

Westerwolds Ryegrass Grass Seed (Lolium Westerwoldicum) (Acre Pack) (SW5)

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