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Tonic Plantain Seed (Ribwort Plantain / Ribgrass / Plantago Lanceolata) (per kg)


Why Buy this product?

  • The variety Tonic is a persistent mineral rich, perennial herb
  • High production highly palatable herb, especially compared with standard plantains and other herbs
  • Tonic can be used on its own to rapidly increase lamb and ewe weights at wearing
  • It will provide winter growth when grass and clovers are not growing
  • Very high in minerals 
  • High dry matter content 
  • A soil improver that has a large deep tap root which draws up minerals/trace elements and stores them in the top layer of the soil
  • Fast establishment 
  • Erect growth habit
  • Fairly drought tolerant 
  • Adapts to a large range of soils and climatic conditions 
  • Sow as a straight at 4kg per acre and around 0.5-0.8kg with grass
  • See the Forage Herb Seed Mix that's mixed with other beneficial herbs 


Packed to the amount of kgs ordered

Tonic Plantain Seed (Ribwort Plantain Plantago Lanceolata) (per kg)

SKU: 6205

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