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The Syndicate Seed Mix (5kg per acre)

CHOICE Chicory

Yellow Blossom Clover

CARBON Black Mustard/Ethiopian Kale Hybrid

Rebound Rape Kale Hybrid


Why Buy this product?

  • Syndicate is a mixture that performs best drilled in wide rows
  • Mow in year 1 as a weed control for premium results this will give cleaner better cover.
  • Syndicate is capable of excellent first year cover due to the excellent fast establishment from Carbon and the advanced Rape kale Hybrid PULSAR the best rape kale available in the UK.
  • Perennial species Chicory & Yellow Blossom Sweet clover that will last up to 4 years
  • 4 year mix
  • Sow May-June


Suggested Fertilisation: 100/50/120kg/ha


5 kg per acre

The Syndicate Seed Mix (5kg per acre)

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