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Organic Permanent Pasture Grass Seed Mix (Acre Pack)

1.50 kg KIMBER Perennial Ryegrass Early Dip
1.50 kg ORG ASTON CONQUEROR Perennial Ryegrass Int Dip 

2.50 kg ORG TRIBAL Perennial Ryegrass Int Tet

3.00 kg ORG TODDINGTON Perennial Ryegrass Late Dip
2.50 kg ORG POLIM Perennial Ryegrass Late Tet
1.00 kg ORG ATURO Timothy 
1.50 kg LAURA Meadow Fescue
0.50 kg BARBLANCA White Clover
0.50 kg MERWI White Clover
0.50 kg JURA White Clover
15.00 kg per acre


Why Buy this product?

  • Organic Permanent Pasture is a highly flexible long term mixture 
  • Can be either cut or grazed
  • Suitable for a wide range of soil types, this mixture will give season-long production.
  • Timothy is included for its high palatability  
  • Meadow Fescue gives enhanced mid-season digestibility


15 kg bag - 1 acre pack 

Organic Permanent Pasture Grass Seed Mix (Acre Pack)

SKU: 7113O

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