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Organic Lucerne Seed Pre-Inoculated (Alfalfa) (8kg per acre)

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Why Buy this product?

  • Nitrogen fixing legume feeding itself and successive crops.
  • Extremely deep rooting!
  • Lucerne has a good high protein feed (18-20% crude protein)
  • Fresh yields of 45 tons per ha can be expected with dry matter of 28-30%.
  • Seed is sown at 8 kg per care in April or July/August at 10- 20mm seed depth depending upon moisture levels.
  • A firm fine consolidated seed bed is recommended & a pH of 6.0 is essential to a good crop establishment. 
  • Lucerne is best suited to a cutting regime as silage or hay.
  • High DM (30-35%) round bale silage is the very best way of preserving the forage, resulting in minimal leaf loss and reducing secondary fermentation.
  • The first cut is normally available around the 15 th and then continues at 6 week intervals through summer.
  • High dry matter intakes of Lucerne are possible due to the highly palatable thin cell wall of Lucerne when compared to grass.


Sow in April or July/August

8 kg per acre

Organic Lucerne Seed Pre-Inoculated (Alfalfa) (8kg per acre)

SKU: 2564O

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