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Organic Late Sow - Late Feed (Catch Crop Seed Mix) (2.25kg per acre)

0.80 kg ORG AKELA Forage Rape
0.80 kg ORG FRISIA/ ORG DYNAMO Stubble Turnip
0.65 kg REBOUND Rape Kale Hybrid
2.25 kg per acre


Why Buy this product?

  • A quick growing mixture for later sowings (July - August)
  • It can be grazed 8-10 weeks after sowing 
  • Can be fed from November through to February 
  • Most popular mixture
  • Includes REBOUND which is high yielding and will re-grow after being grazed 


2.25kg per acre

Organic Late Sow - Late Feed (Catch Crop Seed Mix) (2.25kg per acre)

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