Organic Late Sow - Late Feed (Catch Crop Seed Mix) (2.25kg per acre)

0.80 kg ORG HELGA Forage Rape
0.80 kg ORG DYNAMO Stubble Turnip
0.65 kg REBOUND Rape Kale Hybrid
2.25 kg per acre


Why Buy this product?

  • A quick growing mixture for later sowings (July - August)
  • It can be grazed 8-10 weeks after sowing 
  • Can be fed from November through to February 
  • Most popular mixture
  • Includes REBOUND which is high yielding and will re-grow after being grazed 


2.25kg per acre

Organic Late Sow - Late Feed (Catch Crop Seed Mix) (2.25kg per acre)

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