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Organic Horse Paddock Grass Seed Mix (Acre Pack)

1.70 kg KIMBER Perennial Ryegrass Early Dip
3.75 kg ORG ASTON CONQUEROR Perennial Ryegrass Int Dip
2.75 kg ORG TODDINGTON Perennial Ryegrass Late Dip
1.80 kg ORG MELFROST Perennial Ryegrass Late Tet
1.50 kg ORG SWITCH Timothy
2.00 kg DIPPER Strong Creeping Red Fescue
0.50 kg MIRACAL Smooth Stalked Meadow Grass
14.00 kg per acre


Why Buy this product?

  • Long term permanent mixture
  • This mixture will provide excellent grazing for horses or ponies
  • If required it can be cut for hay or silage
  • Timothy is included for added palatability
  • Smooth Stalked Meadow Grass (SSMG) adds strength to the sward
  • The Red Fescue will make it dense, whilst its creeping habit means it has the ability to repair itself after damage


14 kg bag - 1 acre pack 

Organic Horse Paddock Grass Seed Mix (Acre Pack)

SKU: 7117O

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