Hard Fescue Grass Seed (Festuca Trachyphylla)


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  • An extremely fine leaved, densely tufted perennial plant (non-rhizomatous)
  • Leaves are a greyish-green to bluish-green colour
  • Advantages include; very drought resistant, extremely fine leaved, low nutrient requirements, high shade tolerance, clean cut, high salt tolerance, high shoot density etc
  • Disadvantages include; low wear tolerance, high thatch production etc
  • Commonly used in the UK but introduced from Germany. Commonly found in lawns, meadows, road verges, banks, parks, sports clubs and any other free draining or sandy land
  • Extremely similar to Sheeps Fescue however leaves of Hard Fescue are slightly broader (along with a few other very small traits)
  • Usually requires a pH of 4.8-6
  • Usually requires 12-25 degrees to germinate 
  • Flowers May-Aug
  • 15-70cm in height


Available in 5kg, 10kg and 20kg bag sizes.

Hard Fescue Grass Seed (Festuca Trachyphylla)

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