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Creeping Bent Grass Seed (Agrostis Stolonifera)

Various varieties available. Top rated Cobranova for Golf Greens. Kromi for low grade greens, landscaping and environmental


Why Buy this product?

  • A dense, dwarf, creeping perennial grass (with spreading leafy stolon's)
  • Forms a close, dense turf in amenity areas
  • Leaves are a recognisable greyish-green to blueish-green colour
  • Currently on trend for golf greens, as it creates one of the finest putting surfaces + benefits below. In the past being avoided on greens, due to high levels of thatch and bad experiences. The industry now understands new varieties need less nitrogen than originally required, otherwise can be very stemmy. 
  • Benefits include; high tolerance of cool and warm temperatures, faster to establish than normal bentgrass, clean cut, high shoot density etc
  • Disadvantages include; low wear tolerance, low disease tolerance, high thatch production, balanced nutrient requirements
  • Found naturally in the UK in various locations. E.g. cultivated land, roadsides, grassland, hills, lowland, open woodland, salt marshes, chalk downs, cliffs, coastal areas 
  • Usually requires a pH of 5.5-7.2
  • Usually requires 12-25 degrees to germinate
  • Flowers July-Aug
  • 8-40cm in height


COBRANOVA: Top rated no.1 variety on STRI list - high shoot density, high visual merit, fine leaf, good resistance to red thread and great all-year round colour etc. Adapted to UK conditions, plus tested in the US & UK. Variety known for high playing quality, high disease resistance, high salt tolerance, efficient fertiliser use (low nitrogen requirements). 


KROMI: Popular variety used for lower grade golf greens, lawns and landscaping. Variety known for high salt tolerance, high drought resistance etc. Less fine, less dense and worse all-year round colour than above varieties


Available in 5kg, 10kg and 20kg bag sizes.

Creeping Bent Grass Seed (Agrostis Stolonifera)

SKU: 3454/3455

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