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Common Vetch Seed (Vicia Sativa) (20kg per acre) (EFA)


Why Buy this product?

  • Common vetch is an annual crop - mainly used for spring sowings as its not very winter hardy compared with Winter / Hairy Vetch. 
  • Very adaptable variety for all types of management!
  • Fixes large amounts of Nitrogen
  • Vetch will give a better soil structure
  • Will out compete weeds due to its rapid establishment
  • Early variety with rapid establishment 
  • This variety also has a very high protein content
  • See HM.9 Forage express for a mix with grass & Crimson Clover 
  • See Hairy / Winter Vetch for autumn sowings - much more winter hardy
  • On the EFA list, complies when used with a cereal on the list


Sow in Spring

20 kg per acre

Common Vetch Seed (Vicia Sativa) (20kg per acre) (EFA)

SKU: 5951

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