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Browntop Bent Grass Seed (Agrostis Tenuis) (Variety Manor)


Why Buy this product?

  • A small seeded, loosely tufted grass (spreading with short rhizomes)
  • Commonly used in amenity situations. Ideal for golf greens, bowling greens and any dense short turf 
  • Much finer leaves, less aggressive growth, lighter green colour and smaller plant than Highland Bent (Agrostis Castellana)
  • High shoot density
  • Early heading and good drought resistance
  • Weed suppressor as the plant colonises on thin areas
  • Little agricultural value
  • Found naturally in the UK on heaths, moorlands, pastures, waste ground, hills, mountains etc. Grows on a large range of soils however prefers acidic and free-draining soils. 
  • Usually requires a pH of 4-6
  • Usually requires 12-27 degrees to germinate
  • Flowers June-Aug
  • 10-70cm in height


VARIETY: MANOR is our top listed variety on the STRI list. Creates a perfect putting green with proven results. Outstanding fineness and density. Light green colour which helps mask Poa annua invasion. High visual merit. Excellent tolerance to fusarium. Helps improve green speed. Good salt tolerance.


Many other cultivars available


Available in 5kg, 10kg and 20kg bag sizes.

Browntop Bent Grass Seed (Agrostis Tenuis)

SKU: 3407

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