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Jerusalem Artichoke Tubers (500kg per acre) (Lifted to order) 

Supply March/April dependent on weather conditions


Why Buy this product?

  • Artichokes are a perennial permanent game cover crop that provides good cover 
  • Professionally grown tubers (look like potatoes), lifter to order. Place orders early as once they start chitting we cannot lift anymore
  • Tall thick crop that grows up to approx. 2m
  • Provides cover Aug-Feb
  • Ideal for awkward sites as its perennial
  • Suitable for all areas except heavy water logged soil
  • Relatively easy to establish
  • Suitable for the north of England too
  • Can be difficult to get rid of 


Growing tips

  • Plant mid March-May
  • Sow straight away as the tubers are perishable (within 48 hours from lifting for best results)
  • Plant with a potato planter in ridged rows (in the direction the birds are to be driven)
  • Normal rate at 500kg per acre is 75cm rows, 75cm width between plants and at a depth of 10-20cm. This will provide excellent cover but may become too thick in year 2-3. Alternative rows can be thinned out after 2-3 years or wider spaces can be implemented when planted to avoid this, however cover will be weaker in year 1. 


500kg per acre


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Jerusalem Artichoke Tubers (500kg per acre) (Lifted to order)

SKU: 4755

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