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20kg - HT.2 Non Ryegrass Tees Grass Seed Mix

40% HIGHNOTE Chewings Fescue

20% ANTOINETTE Chewings fescue

20% ARCHIBAL Slender Creeping Red Mixture

10% DAKASHI Smooth Stalked Meadowgrass

10% HIGHLAND Browntop Bentgrass



Why Buy this product?

  • Grass seed mix for Golf Tees with no Rye
  • Fine leafed that will give a very attractive looking Golf Tee
  • Can be cut low
  • Excellent disease resistance
  • Can be used for new Golf tee's, over sowings and patching up divots
  • Good all year round colour
  • High rated cultivars


20 kg per bag


Sowing rate: 35-70 grams per m2

Oversowing: 20-35 grams per m2

20kg - HT.2 Non Ryegrass Tees Grass Seed Mix (HT2)

SKU: 8017

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