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Whitestar Stubble Turnip Seed (2kg per acre) (AB13)


Why Buy this product?

  • White Star is a post-harvest stubble turnip
  • Grows a nice rounded globe white bulb
  • Most of its white flesh is above ground (but well anchored)
  • Erect strap leaves
  • Clean lifting variety with a low dirt tare
  • Excellent all round disease resistance
  • High annual yields and excellent keeping ability later on in the year
  • Highly palatable with minimum wastage
  • Optimum sowing times are between June and end of August
  • A frost survivor that will supply excellent grazing into Feb
  • Can comply with AB13 Brassica Fodder Crop - for more information please click here  


2 kg per acre

Frisia Stubble Turnip Seed (2kg per acre)

SKU: 4307

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