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Timothy Grass Seed (Phleum Pratense) (Cat's-tail) (8kg per acre)


Why Buy this product?

  • A small seeded, tufted grass (loose-dense tufts), persistent perennial grass
  • An important and popular grass used in agriculture. Commonly used for grazing and hay (will produce high quality hay), with Perennial Ryegrass, Meadow Fescue etc
  • Very palatable and good digestibility 
  • Shallow rooted, so succeeds on damp/wet/heavy soils (can tolerate lighter soils too)
  • New varieties are much more persistent and less stemmy
  • Very winter hardy 
  • This is large-leaved Timothy but we also have Small-leaved Timothy (Smaller Cat's-tail) - a more slender plant (smaller, small leaf width etc) use more in amenity/wildflower situations.
  • Not normally sown straight (approx 8 kg if needed to be) and 1-2.5 kg in mixtures
  • Found naturally in the UK. Commonly found in forage leys, field margins, roadsides, meadows, waste areas, wetlands, low-lying land etc. 
  • Flowers June-August
  • 40-150cm in height
  • Various varieties available


8kg per acre

Timothy Grass Seed (Phleum Pratense) (Cat's-tail) (8kg per acre)

SKU: 2109

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