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Quaking Grass Seed (Briza Media)


Why Buy this product?

  • A perennial grass that forms loose tufts (with short rhizomes)
  • An attractive and recognisable grass, with unique panicles (sometimes used for decorative uses)
  • Greenish/yellowish/purplish spikelets
  • We commonly use in wildflower and grass seed mixtures
  • Provides little competition at the bottom of the grass sward and slow growing
  • Sometime grazed with other grasses, however has no agricultural value due to very little leaf being produced
  • Has large amounts of common names: Didder, Pearl, Rattle, Shivering, Trembling, Maiden Hair, Lady's Hairgrass, Cow Quakes, Doddering Dickies, Quaker Grass etc
  • Found naturally in the UK on hill grasslands, old meadows, pastures, heavy soils, light soils, calcareous soils and sometimes acidic soils. 
  • Flowers June-Aug
  • 15-75cm in height


Available in 1kg, 2kg, 5kg and 10kg bag sizes.

Quaking Grass Seed (Briza Media)

SKU: 6108

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