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Organic Short Term Grass Seed Mix (Acre Pack)

3.25 kg ORG SHAKIRA Italian Ryegrass Dip
3.00 kg ORG FABIO Italian Ryegrass Tet
0.50 kg ORG TETRAGRAZE Hybrid Ryegrass Tet

1.75 kg CORDIAL Hybrid Ryegrass Tet
2.00 kg ORG TODDINGTON Perennial Ryegrass Late Dip
2.00 kg MERULA Red Clover
12.50 kg per acre


Why Buy this product?

  • Designed for maximum production over a 2-3 year period, with high protein and sugar levels
  • Excellent disease resistance provides good forage quality
  • Erect growth habit allows clover to thrive and benefit cutting process
  • Supplies of natural nitrogen, fixed by the excellent Red Clover varieties
  • Leafier than pure Italian Ryegrass. Hybrid added to increase quality and longevity. Also includes is a dense growing 'bottom' grass that helps with late grazing + an excellent weed suppressant


12.5 kg bag - 1 acre pack

Organic Short Term Grass Seed Mix (Acre Pack)

SKU: 7106O

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