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Rescue Seed Mix (5kg per acre)

ORG Mustard
ORG Forage Rape
ORG Stubble Turnip
CARBON Black Mustard / Ethiopian Kale Hybrid
ORG Fodder Radish


Why Buy this product?

  • A very popular lifesaving organic rescue crop
  • Extremely fast to establish
  • Perfect for patching poorly established or damaged sowing’s
  • Can be sown very late into the growing season & will last the season
  • Some customers broadcast into standing cereals or incorporate into stubbles for late cover planting’s
  • 1 year mix
  • Sow July - August 


Suggested Fertilisation: 100/50/120kg/ha


5 kg per acre

Organic Rescue Seed Mix (5kg per acre)

SKU: 7604O