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Grazable Cover Crop Seed Mix (Acre Pack)

0.50kg Balansa Clover

0.60kg Organic Crimson Clover

2.65kg Organic Common Vetch

1.10kg Winter Vetch

0.30kg Organic Stubble Turnips

0.50kg Forage Rape

0.70kg Organic Fodder Radish

0.35kg Organic Mustard

0.30kg Organic Phacelia

(7kg per acre)


Why Buy this product?

  • Fast establishment and produces excellent quality forage
  • Legumes are included to fix nitrogen and save on fertiliser costs
  • Mix contains deep rooting species reduce compaction
  • High in protein for stock weight gain
  • Includes winter hardy brown mustard and winter vetch
  • Contains annual species to last over winter and die after flowering
  • Cost effective mixture


Sow between July - August


Price per 7kg acre pack 

Organic Grazable Cover Crop (Acre Pack)

SKU: 7926O

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