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AHL2/AB9 Organic Winter Bird Food (Acre Pack)

60.0% ORG Spring Triticale
10.0% ORG Spring Barley 
5.0% Linseed
5.0% Millet Blend

3.0% Fodder Radish

2.0% Quinoa Blend 

2.2% Mustard 

3.0% Stubble Turnip/Swede

4.2% Kale Blend 

1.0% Phacelia

0.6% Chicory 
4.0% Sunflower Blend
100% (20 kg per acre)

Cereals may vary depending on availability at the time of order***


Why Buy this product?

  • OP2 Winter bird food mix that lasts 2 years. Includes Kale & Chicory, plus a proliferation of seeds from brassicas in the 2nd year
  • Provides a large selection of seeds for feed during Autumn and Winter for small birds and mammals
  • Attracts beneficial insects when flowering in the summer (including bumblebees, solitary bees, butterflies, hoverflies etc)
  • Visually attractive and colourful from Sunflowers, Phacelia, Quinoa etc
  • All untreated seeds
  • Suitable for OP2 Wildbird Seed Mixture


Price per acre - 20 kg per acre

AHL2/AB9 Organic Winter Bird Food (Acre Pack)

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