HM.4 General Amenity / Heavy Duty Grass Seed Mix 

50% Dwarf Perennial Ryegrass

50% Strong Creeping Red Fescue



Why Buy this product?

  • HM.4 is a general fine leaved amenity grass seed mixture
  • Easy to germinate, with rapid establishment and growth (fastest growing amenity mixture)
  • Ideal for new areas, over seeding and patching worn out areas 
  • Great recovery after large amounts of wear
  • Very popular for landscapers, domestic lawns, utility companies, builders, caravan parks and local authorities for use in their public areas such as parks, lawns, verges, playing fields, event/ show grounds etc.
  • It can also produce a good quality lawn, for an economical price
  • Requires a fine, firm seedbed and soil temperatures of 10+ degrees for germination
  • Optimum pH is 5-7
  • Grows in a wide range of soils 
  • Seed is Defra approved and to the highest purity, germination and quality (HVS were possible)
  • Use our lawn seed growing guide for best results


Available in all pack sizes 

We recommend sowing this seed at a rate of 35-70g per square metre

HM.4 General Amenity / Heavy Duty Grass Seed Mix (HM4)

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