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HM.39 Alpaca Paddock Grass Seed Mix (Acre Pack) (5+ Years)

6.00 kg Lucerne (Pre-inoculated)
4.00 kg LAURA Meadow Fescue

1.00 kg COMER Timothy 

1.00 kg VIKING White Clover Blend
12.00 kg per acre


Why Buy this product?

  • Designed especially for Alpacas
  • Main component is Lucerne, a highly digestable, high protein and anti bloat forage
  • Fixes large amounts of Nitrogen
  • Deep rooting mixture
  • Good mineral content
  • Survives well in dry conditions
  • Can be grazed


12 kg per bag - 1 acre pack

HM.39 Alpaca Paddock Grass Seed Mix (Acre Pack)

SKU: 7049

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