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HM.29 Pasture Profit Index Grass Seed Mix (Acre Pack) (4-5 Years Dual Purpose)

3.25 kg ASTON CONQUEROR Perennial Ryegrass Int Dip
3.50 kg MEIDUNO Perennial Ryegrass Int Dip
1.75 kg MOIRA Perennial Ryegrass Late Dip

1.50 kg ASTON KING Perennial Ryegrass Late Dip  
4.00 kg BALLONTOY Perennial Ryegrass Late Tet
14.00 kg per acre


Why Buy this product?

  • The ultimate long term cut & graze grass seed mixture! 
  • Based on the recent grass data from Teagasc at Moorepark. 
  • The list of varieties in the link below have attributed the most profit per variety.
  • Each variety has been scored accurately with a Euro value.
  • This mixture has been put together with the most valuable grasses from the list.
  • PPI List:


14 kg bag - 1 acre pack

HM.29 Pasture Profit Index PPI Grass Seed Mix (Acre Pack)

SKU: 7046

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