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Brigadier Fodder Beet Seed (Acre Pack) (12% DM) (Mangel Type)


Why Buy this product?

  • The grazing Fodder Beet 

  • Highest proportion of bulb above ground

  • Save £ £ £ - no lifting costs 

  • Highest yielding variety with soft bite

  • Very high sugars 

  • Highest yielding variety up to 40 ton DM/ha 

  • High palatability

  • Fast growth (4-6 month growing period) 

  • Increased animal intakes - high energy bulb/high protein leaf

  • Most popular variety in Europe and NZ


Treated: Fungacide treated (Fludioxonil, Sedaxane, Metalaxyl-M, Hymexazol)


Seed sold in acre packs

Brigadier Fodder Beet Seed (Acre Pack) (12% DM) (Mangel Type)

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