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Biocarina Seed Mix (4kg per acre)

CARBON Black Mustard / Ethiopian Kale Hybrid
Berseem Clover


Why Buy this product?

  • Biocarina will give a super quick cover by November
  • Great rescue crop
  • High frost tolerance
  • Carbon has large leaves like Kale but has an ultra-fast establishment, like mustard. The plant has very strong red stems that are naturally more resistant to flea beetle. We have found that Carbon requires large amounts of nitrogen for best results.
  • Berseem Clover fixes nitrogen for the Carbon and establishes very fast just like Carbon. It is also a very good pollinator. This attracts insects for the birds. Berseem can even be grazed.
  • 1 year mix
  • Sow mid-June - July 


Suggested Fertilisation: Not applicable


4 kg per acre 

Biocarina Seed Mix (4kg per acre)

SKU: 7619

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