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25kg Thomas Elliot Autumn Winter Fertiliser 5-5-10+2fe2


Why Buy this Product

  • Autumn and winter fertiliser that will help create a denser sward, increase tillering, increase root development, increase resistance to stress etc, encourages steady growth, improve root development etc.
  • Also includes Iron that is a rapid green up, hardens turf against diseases and blackens moss
  • Releases nutrients over a 4-6 week period
  • High quality slow release mini-granular fertiliser 
  • Dust free, uniform 1.5-3mm homogeneous mini granules
  • Consistent and dependable performance 
  • Ideal for easy and accurate application
  • Soluble nutrient sources produce quick green-up
  • Apply at 35g/m2 (Covers 714m2)
  • Please note this product will be put in an outer bag to protect whilst in transit


25 kg bags 


Use plant protection products safely. Always read the label and product information before use.

25kg Thomas Elliot Autumn Winter Fertiliser 5-5-10+2fe

SKU: 9986

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