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EFA Buffer Strips & Field Margins Seed

EFA Field Margins must be:

• An uncultivated margin around the perimeter of fields against the permanent parcel boundary or surrounding internal landscape features within the parcel.

• It must not be used for crop production although it can be grazed or cut as long as there is a difference between it and the adjoining agricultural land.

EFA Buffer strips must be: 

• At least 1 metre wide (edge to edge)

• Next to arable land (or within 5 m of it) and on the arable side of a watercourse

• Next to a watercourse or parallel with (and on a slope leading to) a watercourse Farmers can count a maximum of 2 EFA Buffer strips on each side of a watercourse. One of these must be adjacent to the watercourse – the other can be in the field

EFA Buffer Strips and Field Margins can overlap the cross compliance buffers required to protect hedges and surface water.

All information is correct at the time of writing. Please check the latest details with your local advisor

Certified Seed Merchant Number: 1062

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